[rc5] Client speed additions for SMP machines

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Mon Jun 23 02:04:31 EDT 1997

OS: Warp Server Advanced v4 SMP
Machine: Quad PPro 200
host: host217-177.edify.com 
Average rate: 1230.123 kk/s

OS: Warp Server Advanced v4 SMP
Machine: Dual PPro 200
host: host218-126.edify.com 
Average rate: 611.088 kk/s

OS: OS/2 Warp v4 (maybe Warp Server v4 - I'm not 100% sure)
Machine: PPro 200
host: host217-101.edify.com 
Average rate: 301 kk/s (was at 311 yesterday)

You can check the hosts for best times, since these are averages over
the last 2 days.

Colin L. Hildinger

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