[rc5] Mailing chaos

Markus Baumeister baumeist at I5.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE
Mon Jun 23 11:07:23 EDT 1997


It seems something has to be done about the organisation of this mailing
list. After complaining to Steve Dodd about his steady stream of mails
concerning the SolVeterans team on this list, he answered

>I don't know if you realise this, but the email address on the RC5 web
>page is "rc5 at llamas.net" - which points to this list. I posted a message
>(which I intended to be private) requesting first the web page entry, then
>the renaming [.....]

This is correct. The mail address at the bottom of the page is
rc5 at llamas.net. So everyone not reading the middle (where it claims to
be the mailing list) will send administrative to this list. But I don't
want to get swamped by such mail, the volume of rc5 at llamas.net is
already to high. So what we need is:
a) an announce list (Urgently! This is the one I really want to subscribe)
b) a discussion list (like a part of rc5 now)
c) an problem list (what rc5 is used now for, because of the link at the
bottom of rc5.distributed.net.

Until then, I think, I'll unsubscribe rc5. Getting the clients to run on
our suns is enough work, without wading through fifties of mails each

	Markus Baumeister 
Markus Baumeister, http://www-i5.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/mbp/
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