[rc5] OS/2 Client

Oliver Bruckauf bruckauf at swt.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Jun 23 11:12:58 EDT 1997

Hello Noah,

> > I simply dropped the client on the desktop and set all the stuff in the
> > parameters field. Type in "-a rc5proxy.distributed.net -o 1 ted99 at ibm.net".
> I tried that. It died on startup. Possibly because my parameters include
> passing the screen output to tee.exe (for logging) using '|&' which
> requires 4os2. However, 4os2 is setup as the default commandline
> processor, so that shouldn't be a prob.

With the desktop you're not using 4OS2 (or CMD) at all. You'll have to set
the program to 4OS2 and the parameters to

-c client.exe -a rc5....

Maybe with " around client.exe....


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