[rc5] work with DES Challenge group

Michael Bruck micha at tecnet.de
Mon Jun 23 17:29:06 EDT 1997

RC5 Team wrote:
> >
> > Hey, to speed up the process a lot, improve quality of the clients,
> and get
> > the word out, why don't you recruit the DES Challenge group to join
> in?
> >
> A lot of us ex-SOLnetters are already here, I think.
> One point though : if you want to keep us interested, make sure your
> clients
> don't quit every so often. I came here after the weekend and a whole
> lot of
> my rc5-clients have exited with the following msg :
> rc5-56-client: Notifying Key Server ``x162-50.chem.umn.edu''
> rc5-56-client: Exiting upon request.
> This happened for several keyservers and on several machines,
> including some
> that I alone have access to (so it's not like someone else did a kill
> -HUP).

Some shells seem to send a SIGHUP on quit.

A possible solution is to put your client into inittab. This
way you can even reboot the machine without having to restart
the client.


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