[rc5] Proxyper

Erik Bussink erik at bussink.ch
Mon Jun 23 22:22:17 EDT 1997

How do you shut the Proxyper program on a Win32 system, so that
it fulshes all the processed blocks back to the keyservers ?

What can I do to activate the proxy server, I had one running
and all the clients used up the remaining keyblocks, and the server
just keep on sleeping, not sending back the keys (way over the
threshold) and getting new keys, and the sleep parameter was only
set to 30 minutes (the proxyver didn't do anything for 4-5 hours).
Lost 98 computed blocks :-(

Does the running of a RC5 client on the proxyper machine cause any
problems ?

What files do I need to run proxyper on an Solaris/UltraSparc ?
proxyper-ultrasparc (renamed to proxyper) and the proxper.ini file.

							Erik Bussink

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