[rc5] Your site

Tom Trebisky ttrebisky at as.arizona.edu
Mon Jun 23 14:05:29 EDT 1997

This is the second time I have visited your site and stopped reading
becaue the font is so tiny and requires such strain to read.  I am
interested in the material (I have been supporting the rc5 effort
on my machine for several months), but not that interested!  I might
vote for your page, but it would be to nominate it for things NOT to
do with a www site.

I hope you take this as constructive criticism, as it is intended.


P.S.  I run Netscape as my browser.

	Tom Trebisky			Steward Observatory
	ttrebisky at as.arizona.edu	University of Arizona
	http://kofa.as.arizona.edu/	Tucson, Arizona 85721
					(520) 621-5135
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