Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Mon Jun 23 17:32:28 EDT 1997

Tom Guptill <tgpt at pas.rochester.edu> writes:

> (2) the proxy will need to run under NetBSD/SPARC
> (3) I'll need to install NetBSD/SPARC :)

I'm going to try to get NetBSD/sparc clients compiled eventually, assuming
I can get access to the source.

I've had users of mine download "harmless" binaries and run them
on my NetBSD/i386 machine.  One tried to break in as root while
pretending to be a mud client.  Thankfully, I was running NetBSD and
the binary was linux, so all it did was try to break linux's security.
This was wasted effort on its part, of course.  :)

All my users are smarter now (since the dumb ones were removed) and
they all know better.  I don't want to lower my security or my
requirements of others.

The only binary-only code that runs on my machine is netscape, and that
wouldn't be there if it wasn't a requirement these days...

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