[rc5] distributed.net: a Generalised Compute Resource?

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Mon Jun 23 17:41:47 EDT 1997

"Matt J. Gumbley" <csa49 at keele.ac.uk> writes:

> No, I wasn't suggesting that. Using an approach similar to the Java
> "sandbox", you run a Java applet which connects (through the shell) to the
> proxies to receive keyblocks. My main concern was generalising the type of
> problem. Security has to addressed, sure. The generalised client can only
> a) compute and b) talk over the network. No local disk access, etc. Runs at
> a low priority...

For (b), make it "talk over the network only to the initiating host"
like Java can only connect to the remote WWW where the script came from.

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