[rc5] Cyrix 6x86 CPUs

marcus at dfwmm.net marcus at dfwmm.net
Mon Jun 23 17:20:27 EDT 1997

Milton Forte II wrote:
> In <199706230210.CAA151830 at out2.ibm.net>, on 06/22/97
>    at 10:06 PM, mwf at ibm.net (Milton Forte II) said:
> >Hey DESCHALLers,
> >Our Cyrix CPUs had some bad numbers running the DESCHALL clients, but take a
> >look at the RC5 numbers!!!
> >http://rc5.distributed.net/rc5speed.html
> Anyone has the numbers for the Cyrix P200+ processor and the AMD K6
> processors?

They scale up fairly evenly with proc speed since the key checking
routine is compact and easily fits in the internal cache. At 2x75Mhz
(150Mhz, aka PR200+) my PR166+ gets more than 185Kkeys/sec. The mother
board voltage regulator gets very hot, so I don't keep it set that
way. I was just checking out the possibility of overclocking. The CPU,
memory, disk controllers, video card and so forth all seem ok at that
speed, but the VR is just too hot for (my) comfort.
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