Tom Guptill tgpt at kelp.pas.rochester.edu
Mon Jun 23 19:21:47 EDT 1997

To make matters even more confusing, is it safe to assume that:


dated 1997-May-16 is a 2.0 client rather than a 1.0 client?

If so, I'm even more confused about the source policy:  I think this is the
source tarball I grabbed from the ftp site so I could (unsuccessfully) try
to build it for PA-RISC 1.0.

At any rate, a response from the development team about the "untrusted
client" suggestion seems warranted.  Most of my clients are stopped right
now because I did a series of upgrades that required a ton of reboots.  I
guess it's not worth bothering to restart them until I find out whether
they're going to continue to work.

- Tom

On Mon, Jun 23, 1997 at 09:16:36PM +0100, Steve Dodd wrote:
> hi!
> > Well, for one, doubting the v1 results which report a non-success and if needed
> > reissueing them later (as has been suggested by others) would work pretty well.
> Yup, that seems reasonable. But it doesn't protect against people discovering
> the protocol used in v2 clients..
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