[rc5] Speed stats...

Emmanuel DECAEN Emmanuel.Decaen at Decaen.com
Tue Jun 24 00:56:36 EDT 1997


I haven't seen P120 running linux on the rc5 speed page 

Here is my contribution:
rc5-56-client: The Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 1525)
rc5-56-client: Received Keyspace Mask 0x0000000FFFFFFF
rc5-56-client: Start Key 0x0FE0DAF0000000, trying 268435456 keys.
rc5-56-client: Processed 110361.57 keys per second.
rc5-56-client: Keyspace Exhausted in 40.54 minutes.

Bovine client running on Linux 2.0.29, Intel Pentium 120 Mhz.

[ 110361.57 | 40.54 | P120 | Linux 2.0 | B ]

For info, on linux 2.0.30, the bovine client make my computer goes
to an unstable state after 20 hours ...

Is there any information on running bovine client under Linux and a K6 ?

Emmanuel DECAEN 
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