Michael Bruck micha at tecnet.de
Tue Jun 24 02:47:58 EDT 1997

Tim Charron wrote:
> So, I put the question to all those people who would not
> run code without source.  Is this a workable solution?  You'd have

No. I like it to wake up, have a look at the top 30 and see my machine
there. Unfortunately for these old monsters there is no C++ available so
there is no way to compile the new clients even if I have the code.

> the source code.  You'd still be able to participate, maybe even know
> your own stats if you use a personal proxy server.  You wouldn't have
> any stats reflected in the big picture though.
> And to the organizers, would this setup be amicable?  You'd still
> have access to all resources, and you'd have a way to identify which
> blocks came in via untrusted clients.  As a side effect, there would
> be no motivation for anyone to hack a client to report checked blocks

I have not seen the clients yet, so I might be proven wrong, but I 
can hardly imagine any protocol that can't be cracked within some
days and with some liters of coffee. And speaking of not reporting
back the solution - you can easily filter the traffic, measure the
interval between the connects and find out if the clients connects
earlier, without knowing the protocol. ...

I don't like this climate of mistrust at all that we have now here. The
developers don't trust the participants, the participants don't trust
the developers. There is nearly no communication about these concerns
between these two groups. Interested developers who have ported the 
clients to exotic platforms don't know what happens to their work and
if it will be made worthless by disabling the old keyservers. Also I 
think that there are many people out there who would like to play 
with the code, improve it just because it's interesting but they 
can't get it. (I have a x86 client here that runs much faster than
the official ones that would not exist if the person who wrote it
would have no access to the sources.)
And furthermore restrictions will only encourage the potential 
hackers out there to break the protocol, the servers or

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