[rc5] Proxyper & rc5 client

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Mon Jun 23 20:52:23 EDT 1997

On 06/23/97 "Colin L. Hildinger" <colin at ionet.net> said:

>I really like this one.  Solnet had this.  Last night I had a WPS problem
>in OS/2 that was caused by running the client at too high of a priority
>(OOPS).  If we had had a stop file, I could have pulled up an emergency
>shell and created one, let it finish its block (30 minutes or so) and
>moven on.  As it was I had to shut down and reboot w/ Watchcat.

Maybe it wasn't the greatest investment of mine, but still... ProcCom can
lower the priority 'on the fly' without WPS's help.

Zero and 02/100 dollars.

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