[rc5] Spammer nr 1 and 2?

RSA Crack Team rsacrack at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Tue Jun 24 12:45:38 EDT 1997

> check out d00086.mem.bellsouth.net    55 blocks, 5.5 hrs, 46260.706 Kkeys/s???
>           burma-59.ppp.hooked.net     40 blocks, 7.8 hrs, 31849.271 Kkeys/s???
>                                                           ^^^^^^^^^
> can somebody explain me these peaks?
They are probably personal proxies. Over here we have a machine that dos
around 400Kkeys/s, but isdoing, as far as the stats are concerned, more
than 7000Kkeys/s, due to the keys that are sent to it.

						Joao Miguel Neves 

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