[rc5] Proxyper & rc5 client

Magnus Hagander mha at edu.sollentuna.se
Tue Jun 24 13:53:03 EDT 1997

>> It should be...  That is why when something is really hung (eg, a telnet
>> connection that you don't want to wait for DNS resolutiont to fail ;) and
>> you try to end task, you get a "program not responding, end task, or wait"
>> dlg. box.
>I think Windows sends a WM_* message to the apps' window. Console apps don't
>have windows :(
Well, it does. But since it's a Win32 Console Application, it also sends
what's called a console event. You use the function
SetConsoleCtrlHandler() to specify a callback procedure that will
receive the events. These events can be:
CTRL_C_EVENT		Ctrl-C pressed
CTRL_BREAK_EVENT		Ctrl-Break pressed
CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT		Window close command
CTRL_SHUTDOWN_EVENT	Window station shutdown

These could probably be used in some way...


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