[rc5] Spammer nr 1 and 2?

Erik Bussink erik at bussink.ch
Tue Jun 24 18:44:38 EDT 1997

At 09:26 PM 6/24/97 +0700, you wrote:
>> burma-59.ppp.hooked.net     40 blocks, 7.8 hrs, 31849.271 Kkeys/s???
>> can somebody explain me these peaks?

I've even had better, how about an Average of 118000 KKeys/s ?
My Personal Proxy (PPKS) stopped responding to my local clients,
so they finished all the blocks they created and generated a lot more.
When I restarted the PPKS, all the clients reported the blocks (real &
generated) and the result is a very high Average.
See for yourself...


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