[rc5] Neat Statistic

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Tue Jun 24 13:33:12 EDT 1997

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:40:12 -0400 (EDT), Sean McPherson wrote:

>>From the Executive Summaries, it seems that between June 19th and June
>24th, we've cut the total time from 4.8 years to 2.4! 5-6 DAYS to Cut it
>by HALF!!! I know a lot of this is due to DESCHALL people moving in
>(including myself WhooHoo!), but there are a LOT of people from the
>'normal' world (ie, those that are just hearing about this) joining up
>too! Let's go Crackers!

Yep, DESCHALL tended to double every 7-10 days!

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