[rc5] Team Warped Discussion List

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Tue Jun 24 13:38:40 EDT 1997

The Team Warped Discussion List is now on line thanks to Dr. Dirk
Terrell at the OS/2 Supersite (www.os2ss.com).  The email is
rc5 at os2ss.com.  This is NOT a new team email, Team Warped will still be
using warped at ionet.net.  If you could put a link on the web page (next
to our home page link) to the signup page:


I'd really appreciate it.  You don't have to be a Team Warped member to
subscribe.  Anyone's invited to the OS/2 discussion on the list, even
those who don't currently use OS/2 but are interested.  There will be a
limited number of subcriptions so Team Warped members will get
preference if it becomes too crowded (we're hoping <G>), then other
OS/2 users, then the general public.

Team Warped is currently #146 after 6 days as a team.  Join the fun.

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