[rc5] Optimized version of genx (v1) sources

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Tue Jun 24 23:43:49 EDT 1997

Since RC5 admins won't cut support for V1 clients in the proxy, I've put
on the web my intel ASM optimizations of the client, based on genx

I've made also some generic optimizations in C, and gave some hint on
how to improve performance on superscalar risc architectures.

Anyway, I've got some interesting results on Intel x86 :

-DX4/100 under Linux 2.0.30 (X, Netscape, Xemacs and a few xterm loaded
but all iddle) :
	official RC5 client : 64200 keys/s
	my client           : 87300 keys/s

-Pentium 200 MMX under NTWS 4.0, personal proxy running, a few things
but iddle (at night) :
	TimC 1.19 : 187600 keys/s
	my client : 214700 keys/s

-PentiumPro 200 under NTWS 4.0, a few things loaded, but otherwise iddle
	TimC 1.19 (-m) : 333333 keys/s
	my client      : 390000 keys/s

Here's the URL :

In this tar+gzip archive, you will find :
	- C & ASM code
	- a linux binary (sorry, I've left the Win32 binary at work, I will
include it tomorrow)
	- some comments in each source file detailing what I've done.

Could someone test them on Cyrix and AMD and email-me or post the result
? Even better, could someone optimize the ASM for Cyrix and/or AMD ?

Happy hacking !

PS : I've absolutly no idea on the v2 client's performance, since I've
not seen them on the FTP site ;-) (yes, don't cry, I know you are quite
busy...). So I will be totaly ridicule if the v2 clients are 2 times
faster ... but I can't wait anymore ! ;-)

PS2 : As you have probably guessed, english is not my natural language.

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