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Wed Jun 25 00:19:37 EDT 1997

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Francois Gouget wrote:

> 	Should each of these projects redevelop their very own
> client-server protocol ? Deschall has developped a client/server protocol
> time to make things a bit more public and reusable so that all these
> projects could essentially share the same code ?

yes. I thought of getting the dynamic loadable plugin software combined 
with the possibility to run you local keymaster. Lot's of universities 
would like to harvest the cpu power from their own computers to run jobs 
from time to time. Once their own jobs are finished, the available cpu 
power would be ready for whatever is running on distributed.net

the only thing the proxy and keymaster has to do is provide a standard 
way of distributing data (whatever form) + clients

What the data represents is up to the programmer of the loadable plugin.
Security in the communication is also up to him.

Nobody *needs* to run his own jobs, but the possibility of it will draw 
more interest of universities and companies to use it themselves, this 
installing the clients everywhere and once the proxy is running, more 
chance that cpu power will be available for the distributed.net projects.

Any comments?

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