[rc5] Need help with geting though a proxy firewall type thing

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Tue Jun 24 20:18:07 EDT 1997

i would like to run the rc5 client on several of the machines here at work.
(it's been OKed by the powers that be) since we have about 30-40 Sun SPARC-
stations that sit around from 6pm to 8am doing absolutely nothing.  they are
on, they just sit there idling away cycles.  i asked if i could use those
cycles and they said sure, why not.  well, there is this small snag. i'm
behind a rather nasty firewall (no incomming connections, period) where you
need to go through a proxy server to get to the outside world.  there is a
port of telnet and ftp (called ptelnet and pftp) that are modified to deal 
with this.  if i can dig up the sources to those two programs, would someone
be willing to have a look to see what is involved in getting around the 
firewall??  i know it can be done, you can initiate a connection from inside
the firewall, and that connection works great, it's just the rc5 client at
this point cannot deal with the firewall.



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