[rc5] Netscape 128bits

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Wed Jun 25 10:59:02 EDT 1997

John Payne wrote:
> Thompson, Christopher wrote:
> > >From my reading of this information, Netscape has only been granted
> > export to _banks_ worldwide, not customers in general.  This makes it
> > more secure for U.S. citizens to deal with banks in foreign countries
> > but does nothing for customers in foreign countries to deal more
> > securely with companies or individuals in the U.S.
> Communicator to customers in general, Suitespot servers to banks

And if you read carefully, it says 

"International users who have Netscape Communicator do not need to
download a new version of Netscape Communicator to take advantage of the
strong encryption capabilities being announced today. Negotiation of the
strong encryption between international versions of Netscape
Communicator and Netscape SuiteSpot servers approved for export to banks
occurs through a unique mechanism based on a special-use digital

which means there is still some control (by the Big Brother) over who
can use and enjoy the strong crypto. 

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