[rc5] personal proxy w/mac clients

K. S. Williams kenwil at kempf.com
Tue Jun 24 20:12:14 EDT 1997

I know that "me too" post are discouraged, but this is also the case for
me.  If I use the old client it works great, but if I use the new client it
fails every time on the personal proxy.


>i am running a proxyper-irix62ip22-mips2 server with SGI (mips4-n32,
>mips3-n32) and PPC Mac (Tris's Mac PowerPC) clients. the SGIs have no trouble
>contacting the proxyper server and pulling down their key blocks. however,
>the Mac clients hang upon trying to contact the server and at that point
>there seems to be no way to quit the program except to reboot. i have tried
>specifying both the hostname of my server as well as the IP address with the
>same result. if i specify rc5proxy.distributed.net rather than my own
>proxyper server the Macs work flawlessly. any thoughts?
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