[rc5] Modified client assurance?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Tue Jun 24 21:22:34 EDT 1997

Due to the recent post, I downloaded the new Linux optimized "rg" client
binary, and I'm definitely seeing a significant performance increase; the
local key rate is up from a maximum of 324 kk/s to 388 kk/s (a full 20%
increase) per process (on a dual Pentium Pro 200 MHz).

But this brings the question to mind:  When people are doing ports on
their own from the v1 codebase, how can I be sure that their modifications
are doing the calculations correctly?  In other words, what assurance is
there that third-party clients aren't performing (accidentally) unrelated

(Obviously this is a general question with regard to malicious people
intending to send fake keys, but my question is addressed more to those
who are innocently doing ports -- particularly with optimized assembly --
who may not be doing it correctly.)

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