[rc5] Modified client assurance?

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Wed Jun 25 00:28:46 EDT 1997

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> But this brings the question to mind:  When people are doing ports on
> their own from the v1 codebase, how can I be sure that their modifications
> are doing the calculations correctly?  In other words, what assurance is
> there that third-party clients aren't performing (accidentally) unrelated
> calculations?

Hello Erik,

 How's the catcam fairing these days. Due to various schedule conflicts,
I have not had my daughter over and so, we have not visited recently.

Back to the topic, have you tried the new client on port 3056? That is
the command line should look like:

	rc5... -p 3056 rc5 at alcyone.com

>From this port, the server will return a key block  and cipher text
combo that does contain a solution. The organizers set it up for the
express purpose of testing the clients.
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