[rc5] Benchmark Page

Shawn P. Cox <spcox at hub.ofthe.net> Shawn.P.Cox at hubhost.kisi.com
Wed Jun 25 01:15:32 EDT 1997

	I'm a SolVET who wrote a benchmark web page for the SolNet DES clients. 
I'd like to port that over to provide some useful data for the RC5 effort.  I 
wonder if someone could tell me how the versioning is handled in the different 
clients?  For instance, what version is TimC's Win32 and WIN32-h? What about 
bovines OS/2 and OS/2-new?  Will there continue to be third party clients 

	If you haven't been there already you can look at what I'm working on by 
roaming through the old DES benchmarks.  I would also appreciate any 
suggestions or comments on how to make the page better.



--Shawn Cox

Shawn Cox
spcox at Hub.ofthe.Net


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