[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #7

Amos Shapira amos at gezernet.co.il
Wed Jun 25 10:25:04 EDT 1997

|Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 12:04:55 +1000
|From: Andrew Glazebrook <andgla at hna.com.au>
|A good option. Something which has occured to me, is why not just make
|sure that those who use the special v1 key server have registered with
|some sort of a confirmed as "good guys" database. It is only a few people
|who will be actively causing the problems, and making them register would
|discourage many of them (and if the IP address isn't registered, the v1
|key server just refuses to give them any keys. Perhaps calling it a v1.1
|key server would be better :-). Marking the blocks as you suggest would
|then be an excellent way of insuring that even if someone does abuse it,
|then it wouldn't be too fatal.

What about using SSH or PGP -based authentication to build a database
of people you trust?  That way you are less dependent on IP addresses
(which can be forged, and change for dial-up users) and stronger

Another option might be to trust people on the "old boys network" -
let someone get "extra" privilages on the grounds that he is
recommanded by someone you know or have some good credentials (donated
software before, took active part in other similar efforts, have a
good "user profile" at DejaNews etc...).



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