[rc5] Modified client assurance?

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Wed Jun 25 09:23:47 EDT 1997

Erik Max Francis wrote:

> But this brings the question to mind:  When people are doing ports on
> their own from the v1 codebase, how can I be sure that their modifications
> are doing the calculations correctly?  In other words, what assurance is
> there that third-party clients aren't performing (accidentally) unrelated
> calculations?

Use the Source, Luke. ;-)

I've released source code to let people check it. I think I haven't made
something wrong, but I can't be sure (as always in software

> (Obviously this is a general question with regard to malicious people
> intending to send fake keys, but my question is addressed more to those
> who are innocently doing ports -- particularly with optimized assembly --
> who may not be doing it correctly.)

Sorry but at that time, you couldn't have any assurance that my client
is performing calculations right. If this ASM is integrated in a future
(2.01?) official client, you will have to trust official RC5 coders.
In the midtime, you will have to trust me, to check the code, to simply
ignore it, or to wait for somebody to review my code.

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