[rc5] client hangs

Mathieu Guillaume mat at via.ecp.fr
Wed Jun 25 11:11:51 EDT 1997

I'm currently using the Linux ELF Intel (Bovine) client

Quite often, I find it frozen while trying to connect to one of the
proxies (either when trying to report a block or when asking for one).
Netstat reports the socket stuck in SYN_SENT.
More rarely, it seems to be hanged in the middle of its computations.

As a consequence of this, I have to check it quite often, and have lost
(and am still losing) much computation time (gee, to think I just failed
to report the winning keyblock ! :).

Is this problem due to the proxies, to the client version I use, to my bad
vibes ?
Is it a known problem that will be corrected in v2 clients and proxies ?


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