[rc5] Netscape 128bits

bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu
Wed Jun 25 10:27:04 EDT 1997

Guan Sin Ong wrote:

> John Payne wrote:
> >
> > Thompson, Christopher wrote:
> > > >From my reading of this information, Netscape has only been
> granted
> > > export to _banks_ worldwide, not customers in general.  This makes
> it
> > > more secure for U.S. citizens to deal with banks in foreign
> countries
> > > but does nothing for customers in foreign countries to deal more
> > > securely with companies or individuals in the U.S.
> >
> > Communicator to customers in general, Suitespot servers to banks
> And if you read carefully, it says
> "International users who have Netscape Communicator do not need to
> download a new version of Netscape Communicator to take advantage of
> the
> strong encryption capabilities being announced today. Negotiation of
> the
> strong encryption between international versions of Netscape
> Communicator and Netscape SuiteSpot servers approved for export to
> banks
> occurs through a unique mechanism based on a special-use digital
> certificate."
> which means there is still some control (by the Big Brother) over who
> can use and enjoy the strong crypto.
> GS

   YOu know that Verisign Certificates expire after six months?  Right?
Are there any free certificates, I need one.

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