[rc5] Case-sensitive search in the statistics

Mishari "CykiX" Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Wed Jun 25 22:07:52 EDT 1997

Klaus wrote:
> Hi!
> After DES-Challenge was over I started to participate in the RC5
> Cracking Effort. The clients are really good and the statistics are
> worked out well. But there is something in the search for hosts and
> e-mails I don't like. The search is case-sensitive. If I search for all
> hosts of our university, I have to search for "RWTH" and "rwth". As a
> result of that we don't appear in the top 100 level-2-domains. I also
> would like to see a top-level-domain list.
> Bye,
>   Klaus Deissner

Jee wiz! Chill out you guys! I'm sure the team are working on it.. But I
reckon that they should try to bring out the clients first, then tinker
around with slightly "minor" parts...

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