[rc5] Some clarifications on my optimized client

Tero Kilkanen tkilkane at cc.hut.fi
Wed Jun 25 18:17:21 EDT 1997

On Wed, 25 Jun 1997, Remi Guyomarch wrote:

> First of all, ** it's NOT an official release of ditributed.net.**
> I've not been in touch with the RC5 developpers, I think they are
> already too busy releasing v2 clients and proxies.

	Tested the client on an AMD K5 PR 133 running Linux 2.0.30, with
the following results:

RC5-56 client modified from the genx sources by
Rémi Guyomarch <rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr>
rc5-56-client (rg) : Testing crypt routines
rc5-56-client (rg) : Performance testing with 1000000 crypts
rc5-56-client (rg) : Complete in 5.213 seconds. (191823.71 keys/sec)

	The official RC5 client performs as follows:

The Bovine Custom GNU rc5 client
Please visit http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~jlawson/rc5/ for details

rc5-56-client: Performance testing with 1000000 crypts
rc5-56-client: Complete in 6.063 seconds. (164947.94 keys/sec)

	So, it's definately better. Don't know if the new version will be
faster. Well, it remains to be seen.

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