[rc5] FreeBSD problem with libc

Evan Jeffrey ejeffrey at eliot213.wuh.wustl.edu
Wed Jun 25 11:27:16 EDT 1997

>> I've had similar problems. Symlink 3 to 2.2: 
>> % ln -s /usr/lib/libc.so.2.2 /usr/lib/libc.so.3.0
>	yes... - this I know, but I'm only user on this system, not a admin
>or root - that is the way, I can't create sym. link in /usr/lib

make a $HOME/lib directory, put symlink in there, and write a shell script
that exports LD_LIBRARY_PATH as $HOME/lib and then runs the program.

Assuming your runtime linker supports it (it should...) this will do the

Evan Jeffrey
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