[rc5] machine status

Evan Vetere vetere at avara.com
Wed Jun 25 15:41:22 EDT 1997

> hmm, well after running rc5stat.pl it dies with an 'Illegal division by zero at 
> ./rc5stat.pl line 55.' error, line 55 is: '$keyrate = $keyrate / $done unless 
> ($done eq 0);' so it doesn't look like it has finished yet, although the perl
> script should have caught that it didn't.

Heh, I musta been on drugs. That's supposed to be ==. Ill fix it now. 
It's all perl's fault really. The compiler is too picky; eq and == should be equal at all times. Sheesh. :)

> ps -aux:
> wonko     4366 95.4  1.0    68  316 p0- RN   Tue05AM  1483:29.52 rc5.netbsd -a
> it;s been running for a damn long time.  it should have finished one set of

Yeah, it does seem weird. -really- weird. Anything over forty megahertz shoulda done something already. 

-Evan Vetere
vetere at ethereal.net

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