[rc5] machine status

Michael K. Sanders msanders at aros.net
Wed Jun 25 14:01:23 EDT 1997

In message <199706251832.OAA01463 at blackhole.arkham.net>, Brian Hechinger writes
>hmm, well after running rc5stat.pl it dies with an 'Illegal division by zero a
>./rc5stat.pl line 55.' error, line 55 is: '$keyrate = $keyrate / $done unless 
>($done eq 0);' so it doesn't look like it has finished yet, although the perl
>script should have caught that it didn't.

One obvious problem with that is the use of 'eq'. 'eq' is a _string_ 
comparison operator. The line should probably read:

  $keyrate /= $done unless ($done == 0);

>it;s been running for a damn long time.  it should have finished one set of
>keys by now i would think.  this is a 486dx33 running NetBSD.
>any thoughts?

Use the -m option to do a benchmark test. If that doesn't finish withint
a reasonable amount of time, the client is probably broken.

:: Mike ::

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