[rc5] minor quibble with stats

Evan Jeffrey ejeffrey at eliot213.wuh.wustl.edu
Wed Jun 25 19:00:14 EDT 1997

>On Wed, 25 Jun 97 15:04:47 , you wrote:
>>	Just a minor error in the executive summary.  It says that 
>>the "odds" of finding the key in the next 24hrs when it should be the 
>>"Probability" of finding the key in the next 24hrs...
>>From what I can remember in school, it's the same thing, one minor difference.
>Odds are defined as
>Number_Of_Things_You_Want_To_Happen : Number_Of_Things_You_Don't_Want_To_Happen
>Probability is found by taking
>                      Number_Of_Things_You_Want_To_Happen
>Number_Of_Things_You_Want_To_Happen + Number_Of_Things_You_Don't_Want_To_Happen
>So odds of 1 in 425 is a probability of 1/426.

Perhaps, A) odds are typically represented as X to Y, whereas a percent
should be probability, and B) probability sounds much more professional ;)

Evan Jeffrey
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