[rc5] Need help with geting though a proxy firewall type thing -Reply

Stuart Whelan stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
Thu Jun 26 12:19:05 EDT 1997

[Lots of Stuff Snipped]

Beatings Brian!

I have a similar firewall, its a socks that allows no incoming connections,
and only allows specific ports out... I did the following:

I set up my win95 machine running sockscap32...

I set up the personal proxy to go out on port 23, the standard telnet port..

I run the personal proxy from sockscap, so it is socksified.....

Then I set up all the spare PC's on my site  (and my win95 PC) to connect
to my win95 machine as normal....

This works quite well for me, I am using the TIMC client, but have tested
the bovine client. I am also running the linux-aout client and the
supersparc clients, all connecting to the personal proxy.....

I have included my config file for the proxy, in case they may assist

Stuart Whelan.
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ipaddress=rc5proxy.distributed.net      ;address of keyserver
port=23               ;port on keyserver to talk into
workperiod=30           ;minimum seconds between network accesses
threshold=5            ;minimum streaming block size (number of keyblocks)

ipaddress=              ;local IP to bind to (or leave blank for all)
port=2056               ;local port to listen to
timeout=5               ;timeout for dead incoming connection
backlog=5               ;incoming TCP connection backlog

minkeysready=10         ;proxy will try to maintain this minimum
maxkeysready=30         ;proxy won't fetch more keys than this value
logfile=c:\rc5log.txt   ;filename to log messages to (or blank for none)

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