[rc5] What does rc5 client do?

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jun 26 02:51:30 EDT 1997

Hi there,

I'm a clueless newbie who's just downloaded the rc5 client for 68K Macs and
can't figure it out at all.  I've tried reading the docs and the FAQ, and
everything I can find on the web site, but all to no avail.  I've tried
connecting to the #rc5 irc channel, but that didn't help because my irc
client has useless documentation so I couldn't communicate usefully.

I'd *like* to put my Mac to work on the job, but I feel that I don't know
enough about what's going on for this to be useful.  I'd appreciate any
help anyone can give me - information, or pointers to information.

I realise that I'm asking a lot of questions, but that's a measure of my

What I'd like to know is this:

1) How do I get the client to do anything useful?

2) What exactly does it do?

3) Is there a procedure for stopping it half-way through a job and
re-starting it?

4) If not, how do I get it to divide its work up into small blocks?

5) What are the consequences of a system crash while the client is running,
with respect to its work?

6) What are the details of the client's communication with the outside
world?  At what stage(s) does it do what, exactly?  What are the
consequences of the client being unable to initiate a connection to the
server at any given instant (I connect to the internet most days, but *I*
control the times; applications cannot initiate a connection).

(The following text is partly quotes from the text file accompanying the
client I downloaded).

      Exit the application when done (only useful with -c and/or -h).

7) What does the client do when done?  Does it just quit?  Surely it needs
to communicate with something out there in net land?  What does it do if it
can't communicate at the moment it's finished work?

  -a address
      Specify the address of the proxy keyserver.  (See the web page above for
      a list of servers.)  Default keyserver is bovine.st.hmc.edu

8) What's a proxy keyserver?  What factors govern the choice of one?

  -c count
      Run count number of blocks.  Each block consists of 268435456 keys.

9) What does this mean?

  -h hours
      Run for the specified number of hours.  This flag is imprecise, as the
      program will only stop after it has completed an integral number of
      If you specify neither -h nor -c, the program runs indefinitely.

11) If the program runs indefinitely, when does it communicate with the
outside world?  How does it go about this?

Thanks in advance,

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