[rc5] FreeBSD problem with libc

Tyson Richard DOWD trd at cs.mu.oz.au
Thu Jun 26 14:11:17 EDT 1997

> Pavel Janousak wrote:
> >yes... - this I know, but I'm only user on this system, not a admin
> >or root - that is the way, I can't create sym. link in /usr/lib
> >directory...:-(
> Just a reminder to everyone--
> It is considered *very* bad form to run the rc5 client on any machine
> that you neither own nor administrate.  In this specific situation,
> Pavel, you should contact the administrator and explain your problem 
> and I'm sure he or she will be glad to repair the system configuration
> to allow you to compile the client.

This is not necessarily a solution.  Often the sysadmins are happy to
have clients running, so long as it doesn't eat into their time at all
(eg complaints from other users, requests to change system
configuration, etc).

Dynamic linking with the various flavours of BSD is often a problem in
this way - the only client I can run on 20 BSDI boxes is an old genx
client (useless). Hopefully the v2 clients will be have a static version.

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