[rc5] distributed.net - rc5 status [ADMIN]

Adam L. Beberg beberg at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Thu Jun 26 07:54:06 EDT 1997

Wooo Hooo!!!
I finished the client, and Jeff finished the new proxies!

Client v2 are coming later today!!!
We're just waiting for the proxy runners to update their proxies. You'll
notice on the proxy load page that several proxies are already running v2.

The UNIX clients are being compiled, win32, linux, os/2, unltrasparc, and
supersparc binaries are ready and waiting for the release. More will be
coming shortly as we compile them.

When we do make the announcement PLEASE proceed in an orderly fashion to the
site. If the site is busy, try again a little later.

Please read the help file before asking questions, most users should only
have to set their email address.

- Buffering of up to 50 blocks
- Menu configuration
- Mid-block suspend on kill signals (HUP, ctrl-C etc)
- Percentage done reporting
- More accurate benchmarks
- Extensive self-test
- 20-50% faster on x86, ?% faster on PPC
- automatic proxy hunting if a proxy goes down.
- reporting of CPU and OS types, (your individual cpu/os will not be
  disclosed, only totals)
- more power :)

All zips/tar files have MD5 checksums. 


<<<- WARNING ->>>
Several v1 clients are circulating that are _known_ to be functioning
incorrectly. Please do not use unofficial clients.


I'd like to again ask for someone good with MIPS assembly that has the time
to do some optimizations of the RC5 core. 


I will be away until friday evening finishing up a contract job, but
will check my email every few hours. Jeff (Bovine) and David (Nugget)
will be watching over the distributed.net universe until then.

- Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net coordinator

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