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mj at isy.liu.se mj at isy.liu.se
Thu Jun 26 16:15:54 EDT 1997

In <Pine.SOL.3.91.970626143955.11763D-100000 at mail.reference.be>, on
   at 02:52 PM, Dirk Moerenhout <dmoerenh at reference.be> said:

>Your database seems to be kinda giving up on you. It seems to have a lot 
>of incorrect entries...

>looking for reference.be gives me
>reference.be (correct) but also
>reference.be.com 1 block speed unknown 
>reference.beet 1 block speed unknown

>when i try kuleuven.ac.be I get the right ones but also things like:
>rc5 at aion.cs.kuleuven.ac.beu 2 blocks speed 166.124
>rc5 at aion.cs.kuleuven.ac.belinknet 1 block speed unknown
>union at sci.fikuleuven.ac.be 1 block speed unknown

>All 5 incorrect entries are from whitin the last 3 hours. For the 
>reference things I am sure they aren't because of typo's.

Hmm, I got the same thing ...liu.se became liu.seu.pl (whatever that is)
for two blocks at a speed none of my hosts have.
Something's fishy here!!


mj at isy.liu.se
Michael Josefsson, MSEE
Linköping University

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