[rc5] CGI email script problems

RC5 Team rc5 at aion.cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Jun 26 17:08:12 EDT 1997

> You're not alone, I search for bsod looking for bsod-x at windowsntirc.org and
> whatever other idiots can't do the email address correctly, and came up
> with a ton of 
> bsod-x at windowsntirc.orgth-aachen.de 
> bsod-x at windowsntirc.org.uni-stuttgart.de 
> bsod-x at windowsntirc.org.be 
> bsod-x at windowsntirc.org.edu 
> Is this a bug with the V1 clients with the V2 proxies?
> Jon

The 'idiots' are simply a bug in the statistics processing. If you look
carefully, all those bogus e-mail addresses end with the tail of a
completely different DNS domain.
My guess is that due to a bug sometimes a \0 is forgotten at the end
of the string after putting the e-mail address in it.
Luckily, it should be pretty easy to correct those entries again...


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