[rc5] stats screw-up

Albert Garrido Albert.Garrido at nextel.com
Thu Jun 26 11:47:26 EDT 1997

I dunno, comeducom sounds like a neat name, so does eduedu.com  Maybe it's time
to register some freebies?

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From:   "Michael A. Gurski" <gurski at solipsys.com> 
Sent:   Thursday, June 26, 1997 10:23 AM
To:     rc5 at llamas.net
Subject:        [rc5] stats screw-up

There seems to be a major reporting screwup with the stats.  It seems
like parts of keyserver names are being appended to email addresses,
resulting in "comcom" "eduedu" "edueducom" "comdu" "comeduom" etc...
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