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Albert Garrido Albert.Garrido at nextel.com
Thu Jun 26 13:25:13 EDT 1997

Ditto.  I've never been one to get paid for idle chattiness.  I'd rather keep
the programs running than worrying about statistics, in the end, the amount of
fame and fortune you get isn't sufficient to justify whining about it. :)


I have a machine, a Pentium 100, that I've been trying to get the bovine RC5
Win32s Client to run on, and it keeps either crashing, or running oddly.  Oddly
being that the speed goes up to 81K keys per second and then down to 32K or up
and down, and fluctuates.  Unfortunately the machine has to run Windows 95
because it's a lab machine, and I can't find another machine that has it's
identical configuration to troubleshoot it by.  

Does it sound like a really nasty flare-up of Windows 95 crap, or something
wrong with the hardware specifically.  I checked for the easy stuff like APM
power management being turned off, and no fancy screen savers, or any processor
hogging programs running in the background (besides the client)

Any ideas?

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Is there or will there ever be a split in this list?  I'm
getting tired of a few threads:
I'm one of the Deschall refugees, and although we did put up
with some of this, I suppose it was Rocke's attitude of 'Shut up
and keep checking keys, we'll fix the stats later...or fix it
yourself.'  He simply kept saying this until we won or someone
fixed it.

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