[rc5] rc5 stats question

Rob Sherwood capveg at umiacs.umd.edu
Thu Jun 26 14:29:11 EDT 1997

	I have a question about the way that the rc5 stats are kept.
Is there anyway to find out which email adresses corespond to which 
computers.  The reason that I ask is that it looks like someone is
using a derivative of my email address for the contest ( for what
purpose I don't know) and I would like to know who it is :)

If you search the email stats with 'capveg' ( my login) you will see a
couple that are mine ( and some typo's :) but some that are my email
address with a different domain spooged onto the end:  

-- Cut&Paste --                                  
                            Stats updated hourly
        Rank Email/Team Blocks Time Working Last Seen Avg Kkeys/sec
      888  capveg at umiacs.umd.edu 	528 2.0 days 48 mins ago 803.734
      2057 capveg at cs.umd.edu 76 	52.6 days 49.0 days ago 63.529
      4828 capveg at umiacs.umd.edux.ac.uk 2 3.8 hrs 3.3 hrs ago 157.728
      6546 capveg at umiac.umd.edu 	1 2.0 days 2.0 days ago unknown
      6547 capveg at umiacs 		1 1.6 days 1.6 days ago unknown
      6548 capveg at umiacs.umd.edu.de 	1 3.3 hrs 3.3 hrs ago unknown
      6549 capveg at umiacs.umd.edu.uni-magdeburg.de 
					1 6.9 hrs 6.9 hrs ago
      6550 capveg at umiacs.umd.edube 	1 2.7 hrs 2.7 hrs ago unknown
                          Total: capveg 611 - - -

What I would like to know is if you can tell me which computers are
registered under these false names ( my apollogies if this is just a
program bug :) and if this is anything I should be worried about.

Thanks in Advanced...

- Rob Sherwood
capveg at umiacs.umd.edu
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