[rc5] statistic scripts

Carsten Menke carsten.menke at post.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Jun 26 20:39:29 EDT 1997

is there a little bug in the statistic scripts or in the clients
(unlikely I think) regarding the search for teams contributing the

When I search for ielefeld on e-mail teams I find some e-mail teams with
a strange ni-bielefeld.de domain or much more strange
*-bielefeld.deuttgart.de (seems to be a mixture of Bielefeld and
Stuttgart) domains. I think these domains do not exist. It seems that
some strings are mixed up. As far as I remember I observed this behavior
the first time this morning (thursday morning MEST).

Another feature that should be added to the search-host scripts is to
lower? all uppercase characters in the hostnames or generally try to
avoid a case sensitive search.



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