[rc5] CDA (off topic)

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Thu Jun 26 15:22:07 EDT 1997

This is NOT related to RC5 cracking, so feel free to delete it now :)

In case someone has been living in a closet (this pertains mainly to US
citizens, but was a internet-wide topic), I'd like to let you all know
that the Supreme Court struck down the Communications Decency Act today by
a 7-2 vote (they were unanimous in their agreement on the breach of First
Amendment Rights).

There's updates all over the web, but http://www.cnn.com has a good set
of data, and the official court decision's full text.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cracking.

Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
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NTR.Net Corporation
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