[rc5] Blocks Outstanding

Thompson, Christopher CThompson at suncor.com
Thu Jun 26 14:50:40 EDT 1997

>From: 	Jason Bennett[SMTP:jason at r33h141.res.gatech.edu]
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>Subject: 	[rc5] Blocks Outstanding
>Ok, this does NOT deal with the stats being wrong....
>I understand that, unlike, DESCHALL, Bovine does not expire key blocks. So,
>for the old clients, every time a client shuts down, a key block is never
>returned (until we go back through).
>Now, I really like the save-in-middle feature of the new clients. Great!
>Should we, though, try and clean up the keyspace so we aren't leaving out
>key blocks? I'd just hate to wait another 6 months or year only to learn
>that the key was originally issued in May '97.

Statistically, there is no advantage for reissuing the key blocks until
after you've got to the end of the keyspace.  The key _may_ be hiding in
a block that has been checked out.  Alternatively, it may be hiding 98%
of the way through the keyspace and if we expire the key blocks and
check them, it would take longer to get there.

But yes, it would suck.  =)

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