[rc5] Blocks Outstanding

Matt Steinhoff mls at audiosports.net
Thu Jun 26 16:50:41 EDT 1997

> From: Jason Bennett <jason at r33h141.res.gatech.edu>
> Should we, though, try and clean up the keyspace so we aren't leaving
> out key blocks? I'd just hate to wait another 6 months or year only
> to learn that the key was originally issued in May '97.

    Statistically it's not really important to reclaim the dropped keys.
Only 3.3% of the keyspace has been checked. At this point in time, I'd
rather have resources directed to speeding clients (and keeping redundant
whiny questions off the mailing list {grin}) than to tossing more keys
into the pool. Let's wait 'till we start running low.
    Having said that, if it's not too difficult to implement and doesn't
suck too many resources from the keyservers, it might be nice to put
keys over a month old back into the mix. {shrug}


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