[rc5] Blocks Outstanding

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Thu Jun 26 16:08:48 EDT 1997

Thompson, Christopher wrote:
> >
> >Now, I really like the save-in-middle feature of the new clients. Great!
> >Should we, though, try and clean up the keyspace so we aren't leaving out
> >key blocks? I'd just hate to wait another 6 months or year only to learn
> >that the key was originally issued in May '97.
> Statistically, there is no advantage for reissuing the key blocks until

There is a certain competitive advantage to _not_ recycling the
blocks at this time. If another effort to crack is organized,
they will have to check the entire keyspace rather than simply
looking at our stats to see how far we've gone and then starting
their own search at that point. So, leaving unidentified(to the
public) holes in the keyspace is a good thing(sort of).

Yes, I know that we really are not in competition here, that the
goal is to crack, not to be the cracker, but then again...
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